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The Air Ramps option eliminates the need for operators to lower or raise the ramps on their Felling trailer. The Air Ramp system does all the lifting for you, helping to prevent back injuries and increase workplace safety. The Air Ramp System is available on 20,000 lb. capacity tag trailers to 100,000 lb. hydraulic detach trailers. This system has been found as an ideal option on several semi-trailer lines such as our OTR, MX, Narrow Neck as well as our Drill Series tags and Air Tilt trailers.



Operating via an airbag system that works off of the same supply as the air brake system. Thus, any air-brake equipped truck can operate a Felling Trailer equipped air ramp system without any other external power source (e.g. battery, gas engine or truck powered hydraulic system).


Felling Trailers Air Ramp Technology was even selected as one of the 2013 Contractors’ Top 50 New Products winner! This award was compiled based on total reader inquiries from Equipment Today and user engagement on ForConstructionPros.com over a 12-month period.

Air Ramp Operational Instruction
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